HOLI is a festival which pours different colours in your life. As a person holi always brings a lot of happiness in my life. We play, we meet our old buddies and relatives, we enjoy there company throughout the festival. But somewhere we forget to take care of ourselves. Its a matter of fact that people these days are not that aware about taking precaution’s for there skin. My blog entirely is all about how to enjoy every single pinch of colour without harming your skin.


  1. Before getting in contact with colours(GULAAL) you must first apply moisturiser on your face, neck, hands and feet.
  2. Try to wear clothes which your hands and your legs because you might get rashes after playing with chemicals.
  3. Tie up a bun or simply braid your hair and yes do not forget to oil your hair before playing with colours. Oil act as a barrier for your hair and it keeps your hair moisturized.
  4. Play with natural colours or organic colours because they are friendly to your skin and do not harm you the way other solid colours do.


  1. When you are done with your playing with colours take a bath with a lukewarm water and use a very mild bathwash or soap so that you don’t give rashes to your body.
  2. Use moisturizer to keep your body soft and nourished because somewhere you have lost alot of nousishment by getting in contact with the chemicals.
  3. Drink plenty of water to regain your beauty and nourishment and also it keeps you hydrated afterall.
  4. Last but not the least enjoy and give much more time to your family because they are precious. I want to wish you all a very HAPPY HOLI. WELL MY OUTFIT FOR HOLI IS A PLAN WHITE KURTI WHICH I STOLED FROM MY MOMS CLOSET AND DUPATTA OFCOURSE. THE PLAIN WHITE LEGGING IS FROM dollar missy.

PICTURE COURTESY: Dev Singh Photography

I will be back soon with another blog and tons of love. Till then take care.





Hello Readers,

No doubt if you are a woman and an Indian you would love to flaunt your body by wearing a Saree. 2018 is all about pouring dark colours, when it is about Saree then Red is a colour which fits you to look more flawless and gorgeous. Red Saree is never out of trend, whether it is about carrying a Red Saree with a black blouse or with a golden one. Red is itself a versatile colour which bounds and hold your beauty and elegance.

My readers know me very well that Indian attire is what makes me feel happy and completes my moral towards the zone of fashion. Farewells, parties, functions or weddings there is no limit to wear and create your own ideas towards Indian attire. My this blog holds my own style to drape a Saree for a Party look.

Who says wearing shorts can make a girl look sexy and beautiful at the same time? Well my agenda is to showcase how to look hot and elegant just draping and showing your own creativity towards Saree’s. For a flawless look I draped a chiffon Red coloured Saree. Nevertheless its from an old stock kept in my closet. If you are thinking to purchase you can probably order from Amazon

Lets talk about the blouse well frankly speaking I wored a black off shoulder top from Forever21 and that is it I created my entire outfit for the Party by spending simply nothing all I used is some of my experiments and using my closet as a treasure box.

Simply holding a very minimal makeup for reference I get inspired by DEEPIKA PADUKONE SABYASACHI look. All you need to do is part your hair from the middle create a low bun tie it by using lots of bobby pins and hair spray and then you get your desired look. Wearing red itself gives you a very bold look so yes your lipstick can be in the shade of nude or if you carry a darker tone like me then definitely try to skip nude shades and wear red. This will give an allover complexion and going to enhance your beauty.

Accessories are important part of your frame. So try to accessorize yourself with a minimal amount gems or bands. Hoops are so much in trend these days that girls wear them a lot with western or street style look. No doubt hoops just embellished my entire look and transformed it leaving a subtle charmed face. In an addition I holded a purse from nobbyindia which complimented my m Saree.

I feel this blog post somewhere helped you to make up your mind to create a series of how creative you are in draping Saree. Hope you all enjoyed my blog I will be back soon with something more compatible and versatile to carry. Till then take care bubye.

Picture courtesy: c2_photography

Shoot location: BIG DADDY




Hello sunshine!

Wish you all a very pleasant day ahead. These days I am somewhere lacking in updating my blogs though I will try to be frequent from the next time. Leaving apart all these topics I have a new subject to share with you all and it is all about the emerging style that inspired me thoroughly. My personal style of carrying outfit is always what you can wear on street comfortably. February is one of the month which carries away the winter and a perfect time to wear your favourite apparel.

Instead of making our conversation bit lengthier I shall prefer to show you some of the clips related to the look that I am talking about.

This look is inspired by Englishmen class and somewhere this apparel gives me a true vibes of streetstylelook.

Dress simply deals with my statement of mind. Such a boho vibes with a sheek patterns all over the maxi dress completes my day. We cannot stop over here as I paired my dress with a leathered jacket for creating a subtle but not so sassy. Well the maxi dress is from Veromoda

Lets talk about the accessories that I carried along to complete my look. Well the sunglasses is a gift from one my close friend and its from MARKET99(IF YOU ARE LUCKNOWITE AND WANTED TO GET THE SAME SHADES THEN DO WALKIN TO YOUR NEAR BY STORE FOR THESE PAIR OF GLASSES). The other thing I carried is a bag and it is from INDIACIRCUS BY krsnaa Mehta. I seriously love the patterns drawn all over the bag, it is simply beautiful. The leather jacket is from FOREVER21 , Its a very subtle camel coloured leather jacket and trust me I own it from ages and till today it seems to be like a brand new stuff in my closet. FOREVER21 has got quality products and I own one of them.

Most of you asked about the heels(gladiator stellitoes). Those fancy looking heels are from luluandskyofficial.

I am not at all carrying anything which acquires alot of investment. Its just that all you need to know is how to pair and coordinate your stuff. I poured my views over this look, do let me know what you think about.

Photographed by: ARPIT VERMA

I will be back soon with another blog, till then take care




Hello Fellas,

     It’s being a long time that I didn’t come up with any of my blog post that’s insane. Well a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. My past year was a real fun and filled with lots of memories, hopefully going to create more memories and ties with you all this year as well. Umm, you know that how much I love ethnic apparel. So, I thought why not to start this year by disclosing with new my ethnic look. Recently I got collaborated with UNNATI SILKS. Without any procrastination I would move forward and love to share my pictures with you all. Along with the pictures I would love to brief you about the Label.


 There is a traditional way used to carve a cloth that is block printing. The saree has a work all over done by using different blocks and to unite the patterns. Unnati Silks use blocks to create patterns and designs an old method but this technique is famous and oftenly used in the stream of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Wearing a black embroidered saree with patterns drawn all over the saree creates a wide difference and elegance at the same time. 

The cotton saree is not only perfect to wear during summers but can be worn throughout the winters as well. I am featuring an independent lady who can flourish her own beauty and enough glamour by carrying a saree as well. A feminine lady is more strong and well saturated in her own aspects. While carrying the saree I got similar vibes of being feminine women. Showcasing that a women carrying saree is also an independent person who can conquer the world without any hesitation.

What is block printing?

UNNATI SILKS” Block printing is making use of a carved piece of wood or any other type of wooden block to imprint an image on fabric or paper. In the early days of printing, it was used to print entire books. Today the process of block printing is popularly associated with making designs on fabrics by printing on them, with the help of a block made for that purpose. Believed to have its origin in China, block printing has been in use around the world now, for quite some time.

Why is block printing popular?

Block printing or hand block printing is popular on account of a number of contributing factors.

  • It has simplicity and ease of execution.
  • There is the sharpness, accuracy and fine detailing of prints made on the fabrics.
  • The huge possibilities of match and mix of different block designs in various colors on the same fabric as in large canvas fabrics like the saree and salwar kameez is stupendous. A large number of wooden blocks are always kept in readiness for use based on the intended patterns and designs.
  • Creating a new block with a new design is fairly quick and easy.
  • Blocks are of good quality wood and so they have durability. Metallic blocks are sometimes used but maneuverability limits their use compared to wooden blocks.
  • Intricate and sharp detailing for complicated designs can be etched out in the blocks which is possible only in these wooden blocks. Accessories like hair brushes are used for filling in the blank areas between outlines of the design.
  • A point on the block serves as a guide for the repeat impression, so that the whole effect is continuous and not disjoint.
  •  The extensive choice of colors make the designs vibrant and fresh-feel.

Brief historical data on block printing.

There is an archaeological evidence that an early form of block printing on textiles existed in India as far back as 3000 BCE, during the period of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. It was not until the 12th century that the traditional.

Today, as in the past, the main hubs for the manufacture and export of block printed fabrics and garments are Ahmedabad, Surat and the Kutch district in Gujarat and Jaipur, Bagru and the Barmer district in Rajasthan. Today, Serampore city in West Bengal continues to be prominent in the production of block. As in the 20th century, motifs and patterns from West Bengal are market driven, thus block printing from this state is young. West Bengali block printed patterns adapt to contemporary fashion trends while Gujarati and Rajasthani block printed patterns perpetuate its tradtional motifs.

Block printing is a form of textile art that diffuses itself into thriving cultures, at the same time enriching them. In the 17th century, the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his court were widely known for their love of the arts. This gave motifs in block printing visibility to a wider audience in and outside of India. The British were in India from the early 17th century and were receptive to native culture even before the Raj formally came into being in the mid 19th century. This popularised many floral and vegetal motifs, such as birds and the famous Paisley, or boteh or buta, design that can still be seen in contemporary motifs.
Two centuries later, from the mid 1800s, the British Raj led designers from Britain to draw inspiration from these traditional Indian motifs. Thus the widely adored Paisley pattern became embedded into the culture and history of the Scottish town of Paisley, an established hub of the British textile and weaving industry which were ‘Cottage Industries’ before the rise of the Industrial Revolution. The states of Gujarat and Rajasthan are regarded as the birthplace of Indian block printing and traditional techniques that are still used in the contemporary designs and colours.

 Picture courtesy: AS PHOTOGRAPHY

Saree: Unnati Silks

I hope you all didn’t get bored. Soon going to come up with new blog till then keep reading and keep shopping. 

Loads of love 



Hello family,

We are on the edge of the year and a new beginning is waiting for us, but between these two a month comes and I eagerly wait for this season to arriveHELLO DECEMBER!Pastels are my favourite colour that I usually carry. Pink, fuschia, crepe, taffy, rose and magenta etc are always in my dictionary of combination. Winters give me the vibes of falling over Pastels. This blog thoroughly benched about a look where two apparently different is combined to get the result. It is really difficult to layer up your body, I think the most complex task to find the right match and on the other hand to keep it sexy and stylish

BODYSUITshein official 

COATLatin Quarters


BOOTSshein official



  •      Layer your entire look with a complexion of Crepe bodysuit and fur coat. Mixing the two apparently different texture and getting a result which totally gives you rusty dark coated essence with the similar feeling of winter vibes. Taking this winter dressing over a whimsical inspired at once. Ruffled detailing over the bodysuit is from SHEIN. Don’t let the winter to overwhelm your shape and your desire of attaining an ideal features. It’s totally upon you that how you style effortlessly. This black fur coat is from Latin Quarters.  To get a very sheek and shaped look I kept my coat unzipped. That is a secret tip from my side, in addition from your end you can add a black scarf to give your outfit more clean and finish look. It’s better if we can manage out our outfit to be subtle and simple. A fitted bodycon suit with a pair of black jeans and layered with a fitted black fur coat. To unmount the texture the two different shades were mixed and matched. I am pretty much happy with the outcome as it just hugs my body so nicely.


Let’s turn towards my footwear well these are from shein official as well. I have heard a lot of criticism about this website but after purchasing so many stuff I found that this website is perfect for shopping and reaching to your desired outfit. This crepe pastel ankle boot is a catch for me and if you are looking for something similar then do visit shein official page to grab them. 


There are so many outfits that I want to show you. So stay tuned and blessed because a Christmas Carol with a bunch of happiness is waiting and inviting you for preaching the whole concept. Well I should take a leave. Till then take care bye.




This is probably ONE concept, which has been on my mind for as long as I can remember. We all know that there are a whole lot of articles, literature and videos on that perfect Bridal look for the Big Day.

Through this article I have tried the best to disclose to you the various bridesmaid looks for the season. I hope that you find it trendy, informative, easy to follow and help you find that profound vigour, magnetism, beauty and enough glamour you are looking to make it just about perfect for the D-DAY. It goes without saying “A happy bridesmaid, makes a happy bride”

Bridesmaid are the women who not only stays with the bride throughout the wedding events and functions but also helps her in every single way. A bride needs to look perfect and I feel perfection is also needed for the bridesmaid to look elegant and gorgeous throughout the wedding. Indian weddings and there garments are heavy and designed in a dramatical manner from ages. There are plenty of options for the bridesmaid to carry. Leading towards what a bridesmaid should prefer wearing throughout the wedding. First thing that a bridesmaid should look forward while choosing the right outfit is to be comfortable.

Lehenga sets, sharara suits, crop top sets and gowns are the popular choices for Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses.

According to me, a bridesmaid should wear something modern yet elegant and classy. They can choose different types of silhouettes with classy cuts.

The off-shoulder trend, which was still now a popular street-style, has made its way to the bridal world also. 

Weddings are the one of the  awaited events in my calender. This time my blog is going to be all about the BRIDESMAID LOOK that I created in association with The Strawberry Fashion Studio by Aditi Jaggi. 

Let me brief you about The Strawberry Fashion Studio by Aditi Jaggi. She own her boutique in Lucknow, India. One of the famous and known fashion designer. Worked with Bollywood celebrities as well. I personally loved the way she plays with colours and come up with something different and new. 

Carrying this beautiful gown makes me to feel so royal. Statement look is always  a centre of attraction. The most important thing that pulls you towards this outfit is its colour. Who don’t want to look like princess, and exactly what the gown make me to feel. You will fall in love with the satiny soft material of the gown. Flayered texture given to the outfit to fall towards your knee is another positive point to carry this gown. Keeping in mind about the appropriate weight that the gown actually possess is perfect, it is really very light to carry and gives you a very warm feeling when you wear the outfit. The colour is bright but it soothes your eyes and do make you feel uncomfortable or something extraordinary. It’s not all in addition there is a waist coat which embellish the whole scenario. To compliment the outfit the colour of the waist coat is apparently different but looks elegant when you carry. To create a statement look the silver studs a tucked all over the waist coat. These days prints are common and to beat the fashion I feel plain gowns are just perfect. To complete the whole design the silver studs are tucked all over the gown as well. I am totally obsessed with the colour as it is going to suit every skin tone. 

MAKE-UP is what gives life to your outfit and for that MUA SIMRAN TANEJA gave me such a nice sheek look. She tossed my eyes with a bold eye makeup she explored three different eye shadow colors. One color that is going to be sparkling out this season is the colour black.Try out different looks for all functions such as smokey, glittery and matt eyes.

She added a little drama to my face by using eyelashes to complete the look. As the drama people enjoy these days are your LASHES. 


Make sure that you are using a good foundation and it is well blended. If you are going for a party that is going to last for a whole day, use a very light weight foundation or mousse but make sure that the makeup doesn’t look cakey. Remember, to pull off the flawless look “Less is more” and your skin is going to look spot on if you are going to blend it well.

BLENDING is the key, ladies.

Glow for it, gorgeous! Contour and strobe your pretty features using a good highlighter and contour. 

Without her I feel it won’t be possible to achieve the desired look and the effect that enhanced ma features. 

Do not forget to follow her on instagram 





Visit now and check out there whole series and apparels. Shop for your wedding and do not forget to tag me in your look. 

The Strawberry Fashion Studio by Aditi Jaggi


A-1, Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow.

Will be back with some new ideas and hacks till then take care 




Hello lovely people out there! How are you all? As you know we are on the edge of the year and yes the month December is filled with so many weddings. I feel very difficult to manage my clothing hacks but somehow it got done. The previous blog was all about a very dreamy COCKTAIL PARTY LOOK. 

It is not necessarily needed whether you are a bride to be or a bridesmaid. Every girl wanted to look gorgeous and eye catcher, this blog is all about a look created for SANGEET. There is lots of functions held during Shaadi and that makes the weddings more authentic and different. Well, I specially mentioned that this outfit is perfectly fitted for a SANGEET NIGHT

Let me show you some of the pictures so that you can get an idea of what outfit I am talking about.

Pastels are never out of trend, one of the most interesting thing is that, Pastels can be wored with a very plain textile designed fabric or to add some colour it can be coordinated with silk fabric as well. I preferred to contrast the look that NEDA had designed. According to my observation the lehenga and the top totally designed in such a beautiful manner that it gives a very classy and floral look to the whole attire. The outfit itself creates a very soothing atmosphere for the observer.

If we talk about the material that is been used to design the lehenga is a pastel blue floral fabric which is really very soft and comfortable to carry, this is a plus point for the bride that she can dance without worrying about her outfit. NEDA FATIMA(designer) kept the lehenga very simple and subtle. The golden mirrored work is done in the bottom of the lehenga which makes it more rich and royal. 

Heading towards the blouse or the top, the material is again very soft and silky but don’t worry it hugs the body so well. The top do not shrink which creates a wide look and makes your outfit more ethnic. She created a design which creates a Jaipuri look in the beginning and if we turn towards the colour then totally gives you a floral and a classy look.

Makeup and accessories 

Make-up is something every one love to do well I kept is very simple and genuine but are bit heavy and I just tried to create an indo-western look and somehow I feel I reached to my aim in a vest possible manner. 

NEDA FATIMA she owns her own instagram account. Do follow her and check out her collections to order. Mentioning her account to make it easy for you all to search her.


Hope you all liked my look as well there are more blogs coming in the row so stay tuned.