Let this summer, wear your own series of sarees in a very easy manner. The drama and the legacy of saree no doubt embellish the beauty of a very own feminine woman. I am the one who can live her entire life happily carrying sarees. One of the most important agenda is that Indian women these days are more into western culture and attire. No doubt outfits which makes you comfortable is the most desired one. But what about Indian sarees, there are more then 100 variations of sarees and bollywood is one of the platform where the trend and craze never fades away.

This time I have created a very staple and a sheek look by carrying two different sarees. Although, not that fascinating but yes the look is wearable and comfortable for attending any function throughout this summer.


The saree in mustard colour itself reviews how beautifully its being designed. The designer Nitika always carry a signature styling and keep a track on what the outfit is meant for. Saree is plain but the most attractive thing is its border and blouse. A golden border with tassels all over the (pallu) region gives the saree a well finished look. In addition a contrast touch to the whole attire also upbrings the beauty. Lavender coloured blouse is what I think I really need in my wardrobe. Though the blouse is unstitched. But seriously I totally loved the outcome.


Red is a colour which itself showcase the glamour. Planning to attend your friends wedding or any family function. Then this saree is a perfect for the go to look. Really I am not into blingy outfits or fabric, and if you have the same taste like me then this saree is just way too perfect. Again the balance of simplicity and glamour is equivalent and maintained in a natural way by the designer. Who says shades are for whites and can only be carried on western wear. I adore those feminine women who wear drama and legacy in there eyes.

The saree is not plain golden printed work is embedded all over the fabric. Tassels are sticked all over the border of the saree. This time blouse is plain and real. To add a little bit of shimmer golden border is a plus.

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Outfit: labelnitika

Hope you all are definitely going to love these two different looks. I will be back soon with something new. Till then take care bubye.

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