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Hello my fellow readers, today’s blog is all about the leading changes that has being arrived in past few years. How Indian fashion is changing with the new era.

Beauty in soul and fashion is on it’s peak.  Drapping a saree in a versatile manner, how cool isn’t it. 

Red carpet is totally slayed with this fashion nowadays

Saree one of the most important outfit among the indian society. In the new era trends are changing people are finding saree as a new fashion series. From Bollywood to Indian society everyone is interested and started creating new looks on sarees. Today’s look is all inspired by the Bollywood divas who are creating a new level of wrapping a saree. The agenda is really very simple all you need to do is to add your own creativity.

  1. My look is all inspired to the leading trend of sarees that are in latest fashion. My look is fascinated between classy and cheesy. Keeping in mind that Indian fashion is always sober with elegance.
  2. The color of my saree is near to turmeric yellow not so pale but yes not so much bright it is a soothing colour.
  3. On the other hand nowadays cape is in fashion so I tried carrying a black translucent cape having black glitters on the border to make it cheesy as well as trendy. 
  4. The blouse is very simple and is black in colour. The major reason of keeping my blouse to be very simple is I only want the cape to get highlighted. The blouse is sleeveless and a cropped one.
Trendy though classy

The texture and look was all an inspiration to me I wored saree in a Gujarati style and really it created a flawless look. Despite it is highlighting Gujarat’s way of carrying saree, it is filled with more cheesy and sassy look. This saree is really fancy and yes is all meant for the festive season and the wedding diaries. 

Fashion is all about how much confident you are and comfortable with the outfit. I love the look. What is your opinion about the rising of new trend of saree. 

Well, the look is somehow similar to the way the gujarati’s drap it.
The clutch is really handique and filled with gilter.
The look is inspired with the latest trend of carrying cape

I accessoried my look with a black glittered clutch. It is not a basic clutch but yes it can be meant for wedding diaries.

As it’s the time to stop my fingers from typing,  but yes I am going to introduce more trendy and leading fashion. Hopefully you all gonna love my featured lookbook series.

P. C – @mustafaphotographyofficial

Clutch – koovs 

Saree – biba 

Blouse – streetstylestore

Stellitoes – Inc. 5

Cape – spoylapp



Let this summer, wear your own series of sarees in a very easy manner. The drama and the legacy of saree no doubt embellish the beauty of a very own feminine woman. I am the one who can live her entire life happily carrying sarees. One of the most important agenda is that Indian women these days are more into western culture and attire. No doubt outfits which makes you comfortable is the most desired one. But what about Indian sarees, there are more then 100 variations of sarees and bollywood is one of the platform where the trend and craze never fades away.

This time I have created a very staple and a sheek look by carrying two different sarees. Although, not that fascinating but yes the look is wearable and comfortable for attending any function throughout this summer.


The saree in mustard colour itself reviews how beautifully its being designed. The designer Nitika always carry a signature styling and keep a track on what the outfit is meant for. Saree is plain but the most attractive thing is its border and blouse. A golden border with tassels all over the (pallu) region gives the saree a well finished look. In addition a contrast touch to the whole attire also upbrings the beauty. Lavender coloured blouse is what I think I really need in my wardrobe. Though the blouse is unstitched. But seriously I totally loved the outcome.


Red is a colour which itself showcase the glamour. Planning to attend your friends wedding or any family function. Then this saree is a perfect for the go to look. Really I am not into blingy outfits or fabric, and if you have the same taste like me then this saree is just way too perfect. Again the balance of simplicity and glamour is equivalent and maintained in a natural way by the designer. Who says shades are for whites and can only be carried on western wear. I adore those feminine women who wear drama and legacy in there eyes.

The saree is not plain golden printed work is embedded all over the fabric. Tassels are sticked all over the border of the saree. This time blouse is plain and real. To add a little bit of shimmer golden border is a plus.

Picture courtesy:

Outfit: labelnitika

Hope you all are definitely going to love these two different looks. I will be back soon with something new. Till then take care bubye.

Loads of love



Who else do not want to experience luxury and get relaxed throughout a vacation. Lucknow is known for its NAWAABI Culture and heritage. People come here to visit the city of NAWAAB from across the country. Experience a whole new range of luxury in NAWAABI style with RADISSON LUCKNOW CITY CENTRE

Well a little briefing and a small tour of the property won’t harm


Radisson Lucknow City Centre is a 4 – STAR property situated in the heart of the city which covers almost all the business districts. The hotel shares a distance about 3km from Charbagh Railway Station.

The hotel rooms are categorised among 3 different types which provides you the best possible facilities that you are looking for i.e. Superior, Business Class and Suite. You can experience the spa and pool with Radisson Lucknow City Centre.

The dining region is one of the attraction for the visitors. CAPRICE, ALTITUDE and DELICE. These three different sections of foodcourt and dining region which has a variety of dishes to be served.

CAPRICE: Caprice is a all day dining which provides buffet for the visitors. Situated on the ground floor with an open kitchen so that the visitors can see how there order is being prepared.

DELICE: Delice itself sounds so delicous, its a place where you can eat enough pastries, donuts and cakes ofcourse.

ALTITUDE: Altitude mainly covers half of the portion at 8th floor. Besides the dining region there is a pool which perfectly fits for sunday brunches during summer’s. Though we get a view from the 8th floor as well. Heavenly Place to enjoy your evening sitting and chilling with your friends or family.

On the 9th floor Spa is situated its cool to get an inhouse spa. NILAYA SPA AND SALON offers you EUROPEAN, ORIENTAL and AYURVEDIC treatments. It also offer services for nails, hair, skin and body.

Its not the first time I visited this place well telling you a fact that the faculty is so generous and polite soft spoken and humble by nature. Management is fast and they do not give you any single chance to complain for anything. Food is delicious and I simply love the tarte’s when it comes to desserts. I had a great experience with them. Now its your turn to experience the same.

Its time to say bye I will be back soon with another blog. Till then take care bubye.




Hello Sunshine,

My previous blog was all about floral printed dresses. I feel dresses can have variations and so this SHEIN blog is again all about floral prints but this time there is a slight changes in the outfit. This outfit is a maxi dress which completes the whole scenario. Summer is all about pools, parties and throughout this time I feel we have to take a good care of our skin. I must tell its not the first time I shopped from SHEIN website. Trust me the fabric of every single apparel differs, so if you are thinking to purchase anything from there website, it will really great if you read the description first. I never regreted what I purchased from there website, it fits me well.

Okay so OUTFIT OF THE DAY is a flowy maxi dress with floral prints on it.

This floral printed maxi dress is what we all need for a summer pool party. It got a front slit cut which makes the dress more beautiful and sheek. The dress is a bodycon shaped with an off-shoulder ruffle patterned look, it falls dramatically and can be seen to have a slight waves at the bottom. There is no doubt that these days maxi dresses are in trend and gives you a gothic feel throughout the day. Big flowers can generate a substantial amount of drama to your look…. all that you need is to hold a neutral makeup to emerge like a shining star. Or else you can opt one popping colour from your outfit and play with it to match your lipshade.

My agenda and motive is really very simple and easy to go for, its just that keep yourself very subtle and natural.

Last but not the least to add a little bit of shimmer you need to pull your footwear on. For that I apparently opted a pair of boots in a pastel colour. Those ankle boots with a pastel texture perfectly matches my all requirements. Thats all for this outfit. If you have any suggestions or you liked my blog do comment down.

I will be back soon with another blog till then take care bubye.





Hello Fellas,

What I say If this summer you need to get your hands on floral prints. Yes the fact which hits my closet is to be comfortable. No matter what you are wearing I feel if you are not feeling comfortable in the outfit then please don’t waste money on that particular fabric. Dresses that feature flowers and floral patterns are often and our spring and summer staples. Floral prints are vast and indefinite according to my perspective. Choosing one that is flattering and complimentary to your body and style is essential. Small flowers or large, spaced apart or close together, with or without vines or clusters of blossoms, and in what color palette? The choices are infinite.

DRESS: midaro_online

Fashion has no boundaries and this floral printed dress is a perfect example to start the summer label. This outfit is from the collection of midaro_online.
It is often that fashion palette which turns to solids when choosing something to pair with a floral designs. However you can mix the pattern and turn the solid background into a beautiful floral printed dress, mixing of different patterns turns your dress more stylish and is oftenly acceptable. Well if you talk about my floral dress then let me tell you its a dress, which has a criss-cross at the back. Truly the reason I purchased this dress was because of the back. Floral printed dresses are inherently feminine and tend to be the showstoppers in there own. It is really difficult and challenging to pair accessories with the outfit.


Shoes or footwear has the power to make or to break your outfit look. My pick is always for the nuetral colours when it comes to floral dresses. You do not want to get a messy look, it is always better to minimalise yourself to get a stunning result.

Apart from this I truly suggest that minimum accessories will work like a miracle and elevate your dress to become the showstopper of the day. Add a watch as an accessory, and if you are going out on a brunch date or lunch then do add a pair of reflectors.


Makeup is the most important part to create a flawless look. But when it comes to the floral printed outfits then definitely I would suggest a neutral makeup to avoid the conflicts with the prints. It is also a smart idea to pull one shade from your dress that lends itself well to your preferred lipstick hue. Avoid applying highlighters on your cheeks. Always opt a subtle makeup for your outfit so that you fits completely and perfectly.


This was all about my summer closet collection. If you liked this blog then do comment down. I will be back soon with another blog till then take care bye.




Hello Family!

A journey that I started on this day just turned One. I have covered a very long time and seriously want to thankyou all for been so supportive and genuine with me no matter how bad the situation was, it wasn’t possible for me to work all alone on my flaws and flaunts. So a big congratulations from my end to all those who are a part of THATBLACKLASHGIRL FAMILY. Fashion completes me in every aspects. People who joined my profile recently, a warm welcome to all.

Little bit briefing about my outfit.

This is a dress from the collection of ellemorafashion. Little black dress carrying a bell shaped sleeves make this dress different. Along with the dress to complete the whole look I paired it with a black kittens from streetstylestore. I can totally rely on those kitten heels anytime and anywhere. Black is always my favourite and it suits my body tone as well. A black bodycon dress with a ruffled shaped sleeves is perfect to enjoy an evening date.

Wonder why I love this outfit its just because it is very subtle and plain enough to move around. The immense effect on these pictures is because of the additional highlights given to the picture. I am going to celebrate my day carrying a look that completes me no matter how dark I am. “LOVE YOURSELF FIRST” is my motto.

Picture courtesy: c2_photography

Location: Bigdaddy

Hope you all going to be with THATBLASHGIRL for rest of the time as well. Enjoy reading my fashion statement through my own words. Once again congratulations on turning ONE to all. I will be back soon, till then TAKE CARE.




Hello everyone,

Are you getting bored of wearing that old fashioned denim jeans which has a narrow ankle. If your answer is yes then letme tell you I got something new in fashion and that apparel is been liked by so many other fashion herald’s too. No doubt fashion and styling are two different aspects. Parlov pants are something which is versatile and can be opted for more then two different looks. This blog is about how I carried a denim parlov pants with an off-shoulder top. These two apparels are my current favourite in my closet.

A flowy pant which itself adds a charm to your look. This look is not inspired as it is created by myself. The checks and the ruffled off-shoulder top is a basic combination to complete the whole scenario. The pant is from STALKBUYLOVE and the top I purchased was from the summer collection of HM. This summer I will be more into pants rather then going for denim wears. Purchase your own parlov pants and create your desired fashion inspired look.

I try to keep my look very simple with a minimal amount of makeup works better for me. Accessories used to complete the look is basic as I wored a Daniel Wellington watch in the rose gold meshed strap colour and my shades are from rayban. Wearing platform block heels and those are from Streetstylestore. This was all about my look.


I hope you all enjoyed my blog. If yes then do like and comment. I will be back with another blog super soon. Till then take care. Bye




HOLI is a festival which pours different colours in your life. As a person holi always brings a lot of happiness in my life. We play, we meet our old buddies and relatives, we enjoy there company throughout the festival. But somewhere we forget to take care of ourselves. Its a matter of fact that people these days are not that aware about taking precaution’s for there skin. My blog entirely is all about how to enjoy every single pinch of colour without harming your skin.


  1. Before getting in contact with colours(GULAAL) you must first apply moisturiser on your face, neck, hands and feet.
  2. Try to wear clothes which your hands and your legs because you might get rashes after playing with chemicals.
  3. Tie up a bun or simply braid your hair and yes do not forget to oil your hair before playing with colours. Oil act as a barrier for your hair and it keeps your hair moisturized.
  4. Play with natural colours or organic colours because they are friendly to your skin and do not harm you the way other solid colours do.


  1. When you are done with your playing with colours take a bath with a lukewarm water and use a very mild bathwash or soap so that you don’t give rashes to your body.
  2. Use moisturizer to keep your body soft and nourished because somewhere you have lost alot of nousishment by getting in contact with the chemicals.
  3. Drink plenty of water to regain your beauty and nourishment and also it keeps you hydrated afterall.
  4. Last but not the least enjoy and give much more time to your family because they are precious. I want to wish you all a very HAPPY HOLI. WELL MY OUTFIT FOR HOLI IS A PLAN WHITE KURTI WHICH I STOLED FROM MY MOMS CLOSET AND DUPATTA OFCOURSE. THE PLAIN WHITE LEGGING IS FROM dollar missy.

PICTURE COURTESY: Dev Singh Photography

I will be back soon with another blog and tons of love. Till then take care.